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Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Name, a Super Success and Wake Up Call

First off, let me say that it is 6:30am on a Saturday and I am awake, this is not usual. Why am I awake? Because my husband, who is a morning person through and through, is up and running on the the treadmill in the living room right outside our bedroom door. Now this wouldn't be so bad if our treadmill wasn't old as the hills and sounding like it was ready to fall apart at any minute.

 I decided that I wanted to change the name of my blog because it was becoming more of a place where I can reflect on setbacks as well as celebrate successes so I think the new name fits my purpose a little better. We also have a new URL so if you have this blog in your favorites you will need to update your favorites to reflect the new URL

On to the good stuff! Hubby and I got our tax refund yesterday and I actually followed through on exactly what we planned to do with it! It was so tempting having that money sitting there staring at me and my mind did go in a bunch of different directions and to all the things we "needed" but I did what I said. I put the exactly what I planned into savings, and then I paid off SIX credit cards!! Then I called and closed them all! It feels SO great. We now have an extra $240 a month to put towards paying off the next credit card (yeah we had/have WAY too many) but with the Debt Snowball we are really starting to see some progress. We had been paying out almost $800 a month in credit card payments, we are now down to around $650. Still way too much but its getting smaller and as long as we keep moving forward with this plan we will soon have them all paid off and will be able to put that $800 a month toward savings and paying off our cars so we can be truly debt free.

I wish I was reporting that I had lost the 2 pounds that I gained last week but not yet. Tuesday is weigh-in day and I am optimistic that I will be moving DOWN instead of up. It was an eye opener for me this week. When I gained those 2 pounds it shook me because it was the biggest gain since going on maintenance. On my WW e-tools I have a progress report that shows me all my weigh-ins basically since I started the program. After last week's gain I started to think "Oh its no big deal its only 2 pounds, its probably just water weight, maybe I'm bloated" but then I went in to look at my progress report, I mean really look at it and there it was staring my in the face. It said on the last column "Total amount of weight loss since beginning - 20.2lbs" I stared at it for a few minutes and then I started to get upset because about a month ago I had earned my 25 lb Star meaning I had lost 25 pounds since I started the program (I had lost 10 pounds on my own before starting the program). Now it was showing that I had lost 20 pounds. That means I had not just gained those 2 pounds in 1 week, but that over the course of the last several weeks I had gained FIVE pounds. I went back to look at my last several weigh-ins and sure enough there they were. Not all together of course, a 0.8 lb gain one week, a 0.2 loss the next, 0.6 GAIN the following week etc. They were all little gains mixed in with even littler losses, which is probably why I didn't pay much attention to them but those little gains add up to some big stuff and THAT is how people end up putting back on the weight they lost - a little bit at a time. My 2 pound gain was my wake up call. I need to really be careful because if I do not use everything I have learned from WW about how to eat healthy and how to BE healthy I will end up right back where I started and that is not a place I want to be. So I am back to tracking those points EVERY day EVERY thing I put in my mouth gets tracked. I am back to walking too, and I still do the yoga routines on the Wii but I am walking more. My husband is being my inspiration. He is not at goal yet, he's only about 10 pounds away from his goal but he is on the treadmill 6 days a week. I am so proud of him. I need to quit making excuses, my back hurts, I'm tired from teaching all day, I walked yesterday, I took a shower this morning and if I walk I'll have to take another one and if I wash my hair twice in one day it will dry out (yes I have actually used that excuse on multiple occasions) Anyway I am done with excuses and ready to get back on track. Well I guess its time I get out of bed and off the computer and get ready to start my day. I think the first thing we will do today is go to Sports Authority and see if they have a nice quiet treadmill on sale or clearance.

~~Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil~~


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