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Monday, January 9, 2012

Blogs and Jars

I have spent the last couple days looking for Weight Watcher related blogs and I am so excited with the ones I have found. I have to say my favorite so far is called Emily Bites she has a ton of awesome easy Weight Watcher's friendly recipes! It is a true treasure for someone who is working hard to maintain. I am so thankful that God seems to have answered my prayer to unsettle me. I have found myself getting back into many of the habits I started when I started Weight Watchers. I actually had 4 servings of water today and only 2 Coke Zero's. I haven't gone over my Points in a several days and I had been going over several times a week. 

As far as finances go we are beginning the "jar system" next week. We have broken our monthly budget down into a weekly budget. I have taken 5 jars and labeled them with the main things we spend money on, transportation, food, entertainment, clothing, and everything else. I also included the weekly budget amount for each category. My husband and I will place receipts or notes into the appropriate jars and at the end of each day we will tally up the total that was spent in that category and make a note of what's left for that category. When/If the budget limit has been reached for that category we will flip the jar over to remind us that there is no more money for that category. If we have to go over for an "emergency" for say... needed groceries, then we would have to take the money out of one of the other areas. I am hoping this will really help us keep track of our weekly spending. I got this idea from the show "Till Debt Do We Part" and thought it would be a great way to really keep track. I'll post how its working once we get it up and running. 

~~Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil~~


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