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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trying something new

First off I am so excited to say I AM GETTING A DAUGHTER-IN-LAW!! Last night, at midnight, my oldest son proposed to his girlfriend and she said YES!!! My baby boy is getting married, it just doesn't seem real!!

OK, onward...

I am not usually a morning person, which means on work days I usually get up at 7:00 to be at work by 8:00. Sometimes I push it and sleep until 7:15. Fortunately I teach at a school that's only about 5 minutes from my house. Well since I sleep until 7:00ish I am rushed in the morning, I have to get ready for work and eat quickly. I have no time for anything else. Then by the time I get home from work I am tired from teaching all day and I don't want to get on the treadmill, I barely want to cook dinner. Soooooo I am going to try to change that, starting on Tuesday I am going to work really hard to get up earlier so that I have time to eat a good breakfast, maybe do a 30 minute walk or run on the treadmill, and even have time to do a quick morning devotion. I think that this will make my day a lot less stressful. So my plan is to wake up at 5:30, eat a nice breakfast while doing my morning devotional, then a 30 minute walk on the treadmill. That puts me finishing everything by around 6:30 which means I have PLENTY of time to get ready for work. I think it will be a good way to start my day each morning but I know I am going to be SO tempted to not do it and to go back to sleeping until 7:00ish so I have to work really hard to do this. I will be sure to post Tuesday afternoon/evening about how well I do on Tuesday morning.


Michelle Lundy said...

Have you been sneaking in my head and reading my mind? LOL

First off, congrats on the upcoming wedding!

Second, that is almost exactly what I've been thinking. I get up around 5 because I live about 45 minutes from work and I take forever in the morning to get ready. However, I still don't have time to work-out or do my devotional...both of which I stop by about January 5th every year because of time.

Maybe we can encourage each other!


Cindy said...

Michelle, I know what you mean, I have great intentions but then it gets to be where I just fall back into my old habits because it is easier.

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