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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Well if you have followed my recent blog posts then you have probably figured out that I am a Christian and I am a very spiritual person. That being said I turn to God quite often when I am experiencing difficulties. I decided that this year I wanted to have a closer relationship with Jesus and so I began to search for a way to connect every day through a daily devotional. I was seeking a daily devotional that would speak to me. I had downloaded samples of several different ones onto my Kindle and none of them "fit" so I did what I do and I prayed "God, please lead me to the devotional that has what I need and that has the messages You want me to receive over the next year" and then I started looking some more and I found some pretty good ones. Then I came across one titled "Made to Crave Devotional" by Lysa TerKeurst, and it caught my attention. I downloaded a sample and began reading it. Come to find out it is a devotional for women who are on the healthy eating/weight loss journey.

I read the first devotional last night and it was titled "Unsettle Me" and after reading this I realized that this is what I need! I have settled in to my new size, my new healthier lifestyle, and my constant debt. I have found then when things "settle" we tend to begin to slip back into our old ways and that is exactly what was happening to me.  I realized that in order to move forward I needed to be "unsettled" I needed to go back to when I was unsettled and was beginning my weight loss journey and beginning my "money makeover." So I prayed for God to unsettle me and to help me keep moving forward. I'm not going to say that some miracle happened or that the heavens opened and all the answers were revealed to me LOL of course not, that's not how God works. I have to lean on Him when it is time to make decisions about what to eat or how to spend money. I have to be unsettled, I have to keep from settling in until I know I am ready to settle in to the right routines and choices.

~~God Bless~~


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